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        5月17日,应研究所朱鸿鹄副教授邀请,加拿大康考迪亚大学(Concordia University)助理教授李标博士来我所交流访问。在朱老师陪同下,李博士参观了地质工程专业实验室,并作报告“黏土含量对软泥岩流-固-热性能影响研究(Effect of Clay Fraction on Thermal-hydro-mechanical Responses of Soft Mudrocks)”。报告结束后,研究所师生与李博士就感兴趣的问题进行了深入的交流和探讨。



        李标博士分别在2008年和2011年取得中国地质大学(北京)学士和硕士学位。 2011年至2014年兼任加拿大碳管理研究所Carbon Management Canada (CMC) 研究员。2013年至2015年获加拿大MITACS,Imperial Oil Limited (隶属于Exxon Mobil), 与 BitCan Geosciences Engineering Inc. 联合赞助开展精英研究实习项目。2015年获加拿大卡尔加里大学博士学位。2016年8月至今任加拿大康考迪亚大学建筑土木与环境系助理教授。研究方向为:能源与环境相关的岩土工程与地球物理,实验与计算岩土力学,土与结构相互作用。


        Due to their low permeability, soft mudrocks often serve as geological seals for thermal recovery and nuclear waste disposal projects which are accompanied by thermal-hydro-mechanical (THM) coupled processes. Despite their importance, the variation in clay fraction and anisotropic nature of soft mudrocks has challenged the theoretical modeling and prediction of their THM responses. In this research, new approaches or models were proposed to investigate the effect of clay fraction on THM responses of soft mudrocks with emphasis on the micro-scale mechanisms. Theoretical modelings on anisotropic hydraulic, static transversely isotropic (TI) elastic, and anisotropic thermal strain properties of soft mudrocks incorporating changes in the oriented fabric distribution were conducted. A compositional thermal strain model was proposed to interpret the anisotropic expansion or contraction behavior in soft mudrocks. The compositional thermal strain model was validated by a series of specially designed experiments. Above mentioned results were used in the comprehensive wellbore stability analysis of practical thermal recovery wells in Cold Lake area, Alberta, Canada.

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