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Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for Earth Environmental (ACEI), Nanjing University, China, was established on Apr. 20th, 1998. It is an international research organization engaging in multidiscipline and comprehensive research activities on earth environment-related computational engineering. The institute emphasizes on developing 3.5 science to find out effective and possible methods to solve global scale issues and a lot of large-scale and complex earth environment-related problems such as prediction and prevention(or mitigation) of natural disasters, exploitation of new resources and promotion of social sustainable development, etc.. So-called 3.5 science is considered to be an advanced computational science integrated and harmonized with advanced engineering technology such as large-scale experiment and new observation techniques, on the basis of the computational science which is regarded as the third science succeeding theoretical science (the first science) and experimental science (the second science). Earth environments is global scale issue including atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, and is imposing more and more influences on the sustainable economic development of human society. To such kinds of complex systems, adoptions of the traditional experimental and theoretical methods have been realized to be difficult or unable. The aim of 3.5 science is just a comprehensive expression of all the findings of computational science to analyze and simulate those natural and man-made phenomena that can't be studied by the conventional experimental and theoretical methods. Therefore it is very appropriate to apply 3.5 science on the earth environment in which we survive. 



Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for
Earth Environments

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